CIBC Credit Card Activation

Are you wonder how to activate CIBC Card?

If you want to activate your CIBC credit card then there are very two simple method of CIBC Credit Card Activation.

There are two ways of activating your CIBC credit card.

Method 1: Via Online
Method 2: Via Phone

I will walk through you guys with both the steps, in order to get full idea about how to activate your CIBC credit card through your phone as well as via online, please read the full article.

Activating CIBC Credit Card : Via Online

For activating your card through online, you need to follow the below steps.
Before starting the credit card activation process, you need to have your credit card with you, and this process also requires some of your personal details.

Step 1:At first, you need to go to the authorized website of CIBC bank, click the link below to visit the official site of CIBC bank.

Step 2: Next, click on the credit card button.

Step 3: click on manage your card

Step 4: go to the bottom of manage your card page, and you will find a button named “register for online banking”, click on that button.

Step 5: Next, you need to register into the CIBC bank, which requires your card number as well as your phone number.

Step 6: Fill all these details and click next.

Step 7: After registration, sign on into CIBC bank, and there you will find activate your card button, just click on that and insert the required data.

That’s it!!! Your CIBC credit card is now activated successfully.

CIBC Card Activation by Phone Number

As compare to method 1, this method is simple and not laborious. Please follow the below steps for activating your credit card through your phone.

Step 1: Call on the customer care number of CIBC bank,
The customer care number of CIBC bank is 1800-465-4653 if you are within the Canada region.
And, if you are outside Canada, call on 514-816-4653.

Step 2: After calling on the customer care number, they will ask you to choose a language, just choose a language which is comfortable for you.

Now, you have to just follow their instruction, and also you need to provide your credit card number as well as your personal information.

After this, you will get an activation message saying that your credit card is activated.

That’s it!!!! Now your CIBC credit card is activated successfully,

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