Credit One Bank Card Activation

Credit One Bank Card

I will teach you credit one bank card activation process in this guide step by step . If you have just renewed your credit card or opened a  new Credit One Bank credit card account then except to send you a new credit card.

The time for the delivery of your new card may depend on how fast are the postal services. As soon as you receive your new card in the mail, you need to activate it as soon as possible.

It is on the way of telling/ensuring Credit One Bank that you actually received the card and are in the possession of the card.

You will also be able to prevent the card from falling into the wrong hands, which could prevent you from misuse of money from your account illegally by others.

It is a compulsion that you need to activate the Credit One Bank Card within14 days after receiving the card.

If you are not able to activate the Card due to different circumstances in between 14 days after receiving the card,

your card will be automatically closed and you may not be able to use the card for any of the purpose ie for paying bills and making purchases.

Credit one Bank Card Activation: How to Activate Your Credit One Card?

A Credit One Bank card can be activated via a phone call. Credit One Bank Card cannot be activated online as there is a high likelihood of your being compromised when you do the activation online.

You will be able to activate your card by calling to the toll-free activation number printed on the sticker affixed to your card within 14 days after receiving the card.

Since Credit One Bank restricts activation to done only through a phone call,you shouldn’t call from any phone number. You should use the phone number you provided while applying for the card.

Activating the card using the phone number which you have not provided while applying the card is also possible but the process for activation using the random number becomes lengthy and tie consuming as you need to provide additional information.

How else would the Credit One Bank know that you are the real owner of the card without verifying your identity? Only when they are sure who you are then only your card will be activated.

During the phone call, you may talk to sales representatives or a pre-programmed machine where you will have to give some of the information.

The information includes date of birth, social security number, CVV number and credit card number.

In case if you are talking with the pre-programmed machine on the opposite side, you need to provide the information asked by it using the phone’s keypad.

How to set up your card Online Access?

  1.  The first thing we are gonna do is to go to the Credit One Bank  homepage.
  1. Then you will see different offers,rewards, and news along with the sign-in form
  2. Go to the Sign-in form and.Scroll down and click on setup online account access.
  3. Then you will be redirected to a certain page where you need to enter the Personal Information and card number.

For instance, you may be asked Name, Email, Social Security Number and Credit Card Number.

  1. By inputting the above-asked information and continuing, you will be redirected to a certain page where certain security questions are asked along with a list of choice of answers.

Once you have answered all the answer click continue to review your information.

  1. Here you will verify your information. If everything is good to you click on the submit button.
  2. Once you receive confirmation that you have successfully set up online account access.
  3. Now you can sign in with your username and password.

Final word on Credit One card activation process

Hope you are now clear on how to activate credit one bank card from the ease of your home. Also Check – Kohl’s Card Activation

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