Diners Club Card Activation

Are you a Diners Club international company’s customer? If you are and you been looking for the process of Diners Club Card Activation provided by the company. You are in the right place because I am  here to guide you through all this process.

Now without no further due, let’s quickly get into the activation process.

Since DCI and its franchises provide its customary service all over the globe with operations in 59 countries.

And the activation process varies from country to country. Nevertheless, I have covered the activation process such that you can activate your card from whichever country you are from.

Diners Club Card Activation Methods

  • Online activation/mobile app
  • Through phone call
  • Visiting nearest DCI local branch

1. Online Activation

So in order to apply/activate your card you need to visit your local Diners Club Website or download the DCI app here.

Also you can visit the main website of DCI here and select your country.

Click on the globe icon and select your country which will redirect you to the local diners club website.

If you are a US citizen then you can follow along with me here. Even if you are from different countries don’t worry, just follow along with me and you will have a grasp of the activation process. Then you can easily activate your card from whichever country you are from.

Once you select your country as the United States, you will see a page similar like this one here.

Depending upon which credit card you have i.e.consumer, professional,corporate click on the login button.

If  you already have an online account in DCI then all you will need to do is enter your username and password and then log in.

After logging in you will need to provide the credit card information and that’s it you will have your card activated and it is ready to use.

But if you do not have an online account in DCI you can create one right away. Click on the Enroll your account today link at the login page as shown above.

Provide all the necessary details

  • Account number
  • Card holder’s name
  • CVC number
  • SSN number
  • Zip Code
  • Card Expiry Date

After this you will be asked to make a username and password for logging in to your account. Once yo do that and submit it you will have an online account in DCI.

Now login into your account and provide your Credit card information to have your card activated.

You can read much more about others cards and their activation from here

2. Through phone call

Depending upon from which country you are from you can reach the DCI representatives/assistances by calling on phone number issued by the country branch.

To know the number click here and scroll down where you will see contact us  area. Now select your country and you will find the numbers you will be needing.

Call the customer service and provide them with your personal information, account information and card details and they will activate your card for you.

3. Visiting nearest DCI branch

Instead of calling the customer service you can visit the nearest branch and provide the information they ask for to have your card activated.

Soon you get the information that you have your card activated make sure you change the pin number than your company provided you. You can do this either by visiting the nearest ATM machine or  by calling the customer card service. But make sure you change the pin.


I hope you have now activated your DCI credit card. If you ran into any kind of trouble during the activation process you can always leave us a comment about your problem and we will try to solve that for you as soon as soon as possible. Also you can call the customer care service and seek their guidance.

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