Easy Petro-Points Card Activation

Do you know what company provides petro-points card? Well,Petro-Canada which is actually a wholesale marketing brand and retail of Suncor Energy provides this card. Petro-Points Card which can be used to earn points every time you purchases on a convenience store, car wash , buy gas etc.

So let’s get into activation process.

Activation of Petro-Points Card

Prerequisite for the activation process

  • Petro-Point Card
  • An eligible RBC account

If you do not have a Petro-Point Card then let’s start by applying for one.

But if you already had one (Petro-Points Card) then you can skip this Apply part.

Apply for a petro-points Card

Visit the official website of Petro-Canada here. 

Now click on the Join/Activate.

Now you will be provided with the page where you have to choose whether you have a petro-points card or not.

At this point we are assuming that we don’t own a card. So we click on NO,I DON’T HAVE A CARD YET.

If you do not see a page same as below click here.

Now we fill in our personal information and make an account with valid email and password.

Fill in all the fields and obviously agree to the terms and conditions then click on sign in .

Now you will soon receive your card at your place or you can collect your card at your nearest petro-canada branch.

Now, you have a petro-points card, don’t you?

Now let’s activate your card

Activation of petro-points card

Visit here and click on the YES I HAVE A PETRO-POINTS CARD.

Or click here so that you will be redirected to the page just like below.

Now enter your petro-points number which is on the back of your card.

Also enter your postal code and your last name.

Now you will be directed to a page where you have to give your RBC account information so that they can link your card to a valid account. 

After this you will definitely have your petro-points card activated and you will get 2500 petro-points.

Every time you buy gas,wash your car, buy from convenience store using your card that means either petro-points card or RBC credit card you will earn petro-points.

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