Emerald Card Activation

H&R Block, Inc., or H&R Block offer a prepaid, reloadable mastercard to its customers known as Emerald Card. It offers the card for its customers to load tax refunds and tax anticipation checks.

It is easy and simple to use. Using this card customers are allowed to make a faster and safe money transaction. It also offers easiness in shopping and payment.

Whenever you got a new Emerald Card, the first priority you will give to Emerald card activation process. Because without activation it will be like a useless card.

So, here in this post I’m going to teach a complete process of Emerald Card Activation.

Requirements for the Activation of Emerald Card

Without doing anything, without gathering anything, you can’t be able to activate your card. Some important documents that users should provide while activating are:

  • You must have an H&R Block online account with proper User ID and Password.
  • You must have a registered Phone number.
  • You must have a new Emerald Card with card number, CVV code, Expiry Date etc which will be needed in the process.
  • You should have to provide proper Personal details for the verification.

Emerald Card Activation Methods

There are four different methods of activation of Emerald Card, by which you will get access to the card. They are:

  1. Emerald Card Activation Online.
  2. Emerald Card Activation by Phone.
  3. Emerald Card Activation through Mobile App.
  4. Emerald Card Activation by visiting nearest Branch Office.

Method 1: Emerald Card Activation Online

Here I’m gonna show you the online process through which you can activate your card and get access to it. While using this method you should have a H&R Block Account. If you don’t have H&R Block Account then you have to create an account.Online Activation is of two types:

  1. Don’t Having a H&R Block Account
  2. Having a H&R Block Account

For those who have that account can leave this process and can go through the Having a H&R Block Account Process. Otherwise follow the Don’t Having a H&R Block Account Process.

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Don’t Having a H&R Block Account:

  • Go to the official website of Emerald Card (www.hrblock.com). You will see the page be like
  • Then on the top of the right side you will get a sign in option where you have to click. After clicking on sign in option, you will see two options there,
  • Now here you have to click on create an account option.
  • Then you will enter the account creating page. There you have to fill up the necessary information
  • After filling the information click next. Congratulations your account is ready to use. Now go through the Having a H&R Block Account Process for the Card Activation.

Having a H&R Block Account:

  • First of all you should go to the official website of Emerald Card from here -> www.hrblock.com
  • You have to go on H&R Block services in order to Activation of New Card.
  • Now, you have to face some prompt steps to Activate your Emerald Card.
  • Complete all the steps shown on your screen.
  • Now, provide your card details like card number, CVV number, etc as per requirement.
  • Here, it will ask for you personal details which you have to complete.
  • Confirm the process with terms and conditions ok.
  • Now, when these process will be done completely then your card will be activated.

Method 2: Emerald Card Activation by Phone

  • Here, Dial Emerald Card Activation Number -> 1-866-353-1266.
  • When you will be connected with the customer care executive then you have to choose your language first.
  • Listen carefully and follow all the instructions.
  • Provide your card details.
  • Provide personal information and complete verification procedure.
  • Agree with the terms and conditions.
  • Now congratulations, your card will be activated soon.

Method 3: Emerald Card Activation through Mobile App

  1. First of all download the MyBlock Mobile App on your phone.
  2. After the installation, open the app for the further process.
  3. Among the various options present on the homepage of the application, select Manage Your Card option there.
  4. Then there you will find an option of Activate where you have to go.
  5. Now you will get some prompt steps which you have to follow In order to activate instantly and successfully.
  6. After the completion of these steps your Emerald Card will be activated soon.
  7. And then you will be able to use it.

Method 4: Emerald Card Activation by visiting nearest Branch Office

This is somewhat complicated and easyable process among those three steps mentioned above. If those steps don’t work, then this process is the best one for them.

In this process, you have to visit nearby branch office of Emerald Card. There you have to complain that “Why my card isn’t activating?” or “I have to activate my Emerald Card”. There they will give you a guide and then you have to follow them. In this way, you can easily activate your card visiting branch office.

Last Words:

Ok guys this post is all about “How to activate Emerald Card by different process?”. I had given you the total process of that. I hope you get it and will activate your card easily.

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