Green Dot Card Activation

In this 21st century who would like going shopping or performing any kind of transaction carrying cash around.

You may use your Green Dot Card to avoid carrying cash around while going shopping. Everyone loves shopping online these days and I know you do it too.

Once you have pre-loaded your card with cash, you can use it in the same way as that of the traditional bank debit cards/credit cards that you have been using.

You can use the Green Dot Card to make both online and in-store purchases and payments anywhere cards with logo on your Green Dot Card is accepted.

Why Green Dot Card?

You should make Green Dot Card as your priority one because of the following features:

  • Flat rate monthly fee structure
  • Free direct deposit
  • Free ACH transfers
  • Mobile check deposit
  • Mobile app
  • SMS alerts
  • Wide acceptance
  • Free cash withdrawals from retailers

Green Dot Card Activation

Green Dot Card activation is the most important thing that you should keep in concern for being able to use the Green Dot Card.

Your  Cards arrive inactive as most bank cards do. Activating your Green Dot card is in the concern of your interest as it saves you from the risk of losing cash when you carry cash around or fall deeper into the debt when you opt for credit card payments.

Green Dot Card Activation Methods

  1. Green Dot Activation via Online
  2. Green Dot Activation via Phone Call
  3. Green Dot Activation via ATM

1.Green Dot Card Activation via Online

If users want to activate the Green Dot Card Online, then firstly the users should have an online account.

And if you don’t have an online account then you have to register for an online account.

Quick Steps

  1. For Green Dot Card activation online, visit the official website of Green Dot Card.
  2. Then you will need to find an option to register a card on the rightmost part of the homepage of Green Dot. Click on register an account and continue.
  3. You will now be redirected to a page where you need to enter the card number, the expiry date of the card and CVV ie the 3-digit security number/code which is printed flat on the right side of the signature panel on the back of your card.
  4. Click the “Next” icon.
  5. A new page will open and you will be prompted to enter your name, address, and date of birth.
  6. Once you do these things, your new Green Dot Card becomes active.

2.Green Dot Card Activation via Phone Call

        This is a secure and simple process for getting your Green Dot card activated. The user can activate the Green Dot Card calling on a toll-free number of Green Dot.

Quick Steps

  1. You need to call the customer care number of Green Dot card  1866-795-7605.    
  2. After that, you need to hear the auto prompt voice carefully and choose an option for the activation of the Green Dot Card.
  3. Once you connect with the Customer Care Officer of Green Dot, share your private details and card details.
  4. After you provide all the necessary details and completion of all the works your Green Dot Card will be activated soon.

3.Green Dot Card Activation via ATMs

You can activate the Green Dot Debit Card by visiting the nearest ATMs booth location along with the Green Dot Card.

You will also need the PIN number to activate the Green Dot Debit Card via ATMs.

Quick Steps

  1. Firstly, you have to visit the nearest Green Dot Card ATMs booth.
  2. Insert your debit card/ATM card on the ATM machine.
  3. Reach the basic direction and choose the appropriate option to activate the Card.
  4. When the PIN has been generated you will need to enter the PIN.
  5. While entering the PIN number, you need to follow the guidance.
  6. Now, your card will be activated and you will soon be able to use it.

IF you accidentally lost or found that transaction is being performed through your card illegally then you need to visit the Green Dots nearest branch or contact the number of the Green Dot customer Care 1866-795-7605 and deactivate your card as soon as possible.


so hope you got to learn about dot card activation process: mainly you can activate your green dot credit card from four ways they are activating by online activating by phone activating by ATMs or cash machine activating by going nearby branch if you have any question do let me know in the comment section

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