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How to apply for discover student credit card?

Want to know How to apply for Discover student credit card? Credits cards have become a necessity in today’s world as they make our lives quite easier. There are different kinds of credit cards and student cards are one of those. These cards are given to young adults, which helps them in building good financial habits for their future. There are lots of banks out there that provide student credit cards. But what are these Discover student credit cards? 

Well, a student credit card is just like any other credit card and these are marketed towards students and recent graduates by various financial institutions. The rate of approval for these cards is quite high as they generally have a lower credit limit. For students below the age of 21, a co-signer is necessary. 

So how to apply for Discover student credit card? Well, that is what we will discuss here. 

How To Apply For Discover Student Credit Card?

The steps are very easy and simple and all the information revolving around that has been provided below. We hope that this would be of help to you. 

Before we head on to the application procedure for Discover student credit cards, here are a few must-have things. 

  • The applicant needs to be at least 18 years of age. Any lower than that, you won’t be eligible for the student credit card. 
  • The applicant must have a US address. 
  • He/She should also have a social security number. 
  • The person applying for the card needs to show proof of education. This is because the card will only be given out to students. 

So, these are all the basic things that you need before applying for a student Discover card

Now, check the steps provided below to know how to apply for a Discover student credit card?

Step 1

First of all, keep all the necessary documents and information near you, and after that Click Here. This will directly take you to the application page. 

Step 2

Click on Apply Now. This will take you to the application form that you need to fill out. 

Step 3

Now, choose the design of your Discover student credit card. After that, provide all the necessary information like Name, Home Address, Date of Birth, etc. If you are not a student, then you can select the Click Here option, just above the “Year” in the College tab. 

Step 4

After providing all the information you need to agree to the Terms and Conditions and also make sure to read them properly. Now, agree to the Electronic Communications option as well and after that, you need to agree to provide authorization for social security administration to disclose your social security number verification as well. 

Step 5

Click on Submit and you will be taken to the next page where you need to provide a few more basic details.

And that’s all. 

With this, the process of applying for your Discover student credit card is over. You will receive an email in the provided mail ID with all the information about how and when you will receive your card. 


We hope this article has provided clear insights on How to apply for discover student credit card? Do let us know if you find it difficult to apply for the student credit anytime.

Updated: November 6, 2021 — 2:27 pm

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