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How to cancel credit one bank credit card?

Not sure how to cancel credit one bank credit card? Credit One Bank is a US-based subsidiary company of Credit One Financial, that specializes in IBN credit cards. It is one of the largest credit card banks in the US and has millions of members nationwide. Credit One Bank has an excellent customer support and provides quite a lot of credit card features. You can even cancel the card whenever you want to and the process is very simple.

There are basically two ways by following which you can cancel your Credit One Bank Credit Card. And we will be providing you with all the information regarding that and also what happens after you cancel the credit card. Along with that, we will also provide you with the alternative of canceling your card. 

How to cancel credit one bank credit card?

As mentioned above, there are two ways to cancel your Credit One Bank Credit Card. The first is by phone and the second one is by mail. 

The first method is rather very simple and all you need to do is call the customer service team on phone. Then you would need to provide your card number and you will be connected to an agent. The agent will ask you a few questions for security purposes and to make sure that it’s you who is canceling the card. They will also provide you with a retention offer and you can let them know your answer about the offer. 

The second option is by mail. You can send a letter to their postal address and also explain your reasons for canceling the card. This takes a longer time as mail generally takes time to get delivered. 

Note: Before canceling the card make sure that you have claimed all the rewards that you have accumulated during the time you have used the card. These rewards would become impossible to access once you cancel the card. 

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What Happens After Cancelling The One bank Credit Card?

If any amount is due on your card you need to pay that amount and until that is completed your card won’t be closed. After the cancellation of the card, all transactions will be declined but if there are any pending transactions left on the card, those may get processed. 

Alternatives To Cancelling Your One Bank Credit Card

Canceling a credit card can have a negative impact on your credit history. Instead of that, you can opt for the alternative, which is to keep your account open, and with that, you can get a credit card whenever you need it in the future without opening a new account. In the long run, your credit score will improve and the account will age too. You need to make a few occasional purchases to keep the account up and running. 


We hope this article has provided clear insights on how to cancel credit one bank credit card in a very simple manner. Do let us know, if you have any more queries, in the comment section below.

Updated: November 12, 2021 — 2:00 pm

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