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How to Cancel Discover Card?

Though discover offers a wide range of credit cards that serves various purposes, some might not be matching with your needs. So, if you have a credit card that is no longer valid and want to know how to cancel discover card, then do check this article.

How to cancel Discover card?

To cancel your discover credit card, you need to know how to contact them and how can they help you in canceling a credit card.

The first thing that is required for making the cancellation process successful is getting all the necessary information from customer care support.

It’s really easy to shut down a Discover account. Call the number on the back of your card if you have it with you. If you don’t have your card with you, call 1-800-DISCOVER. When you ask to cancel your account, be ready to give the representative your name, account number, and address.

Things to Consider Before you Close Discover Account

Ensure that you have completed the minimum payments as determined by Discover before closing your account.

You can’t open another credit card account if you close your existing discover credit card account.

Transfer your credit limit

You can move your credit limit (how much you’re able to spend on a credit card before paying it off) from one Discover card to another. This might help keep your credit utilization ratio low.

Clear the balance

If the account has a balance, you need to pay it off or transfer it. Of course, choosing to pay off the balance is ideal, but, if you can’t pay it all off right now, look for a card that offers an introductory 0% APR on balance transfers to give yourself a little extra time to pay down your card debt without accruing more interest.

Redeem Your Credit Card Points

You can redeem your credit card points for cash, gift cards, and more. If you’re canceling a credit card with an annual fee or rewards program that doesn’t match how you use your credit card, consider whether it makes sense to close the account entirely. Otherwise, transfer those points before closing the account.


We hope this has been helpful in learning about the steps you need to take when closing your Discover card. If so, we encourage you to share it with anyone who may be looking for help on how to close their account and get a full refund of any balance owed! Do let us know what kind of process you had to follow, if there was one at all, or leave a comment below telling us what worked best for you while completing the cancellation process. Thanks again for reading and have an awesome day!

Updated: November 6, 2021 — 2:27 pm

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