ISIC Card Activation

ISIC stands for International Student Identity Card which is the only internationally-recognised student ID. ISIC card provides fantastic discounts and services at home and abroad for the ISIC card activation users. ISIC card truly connected student to global club.

It is  accepted by ministries, governments, student unions and non- governmental organizations such as UNESCO. Every year throughout the world, students use their ISIC card to take advantage of offers at home and overseas on travel, shopping, museums, food and much more.

Benefits Of Using ISIC Card

Using ISIC card, you got huge benefits which are listed below:

  1. It is easy to use and you can also use abroad to withdraw cash from ATM or pay for your expenses.
  2. It saves your money by providing huge discount and offer in books,food, shopping, accommodation, leisure activities.
  3. It gives international SIM card with Rs 200 worth of talk time.
  4. You can easily track your card online and check your transactions, balance, change IPIN, etc.

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 Requirements for ISIC Card Activation

Before activating ISIC card you need to take care about the things which will required for ISIC card activation. Following are the requirements needed for activation of ISIC Card:

  • ISIC card with CVV code, activation code, expiry date, security code, etc
  • An online ISIC Account with User ID and Password
  • Genuine details of yours

How to Activate ISIC Card? 

Here you are. The only reason to be here is to activate your ISIC Card. Don’t worry I am here to teach you about ISIC Card activation.ISIC Card is easy to activate and it can be done through two different ways:

  1. Online method.
  2. By Visiting Branch.

ISIC Card Activation Via Online

You think, it is difficult to activate ISIC card but you will feel easy by following the steps listed below:

  1. First of all visit the official website of ISIC Card Activation from here. The page will be like:
    1. There’s a form will appear which will demand to fill up your information.
    2. Select your card type by clicking on suitable option.
    3. Then after, type your card number in the blank space,
    4. Share your personal details such as country name, first name, last name, gender, birth date, Validity of the card, institution and email ID etc.
    5. Now, please upload the front and back side of ISIC card.
    6. After uploading the card’s front and back side, please accept the terms and conditions of using ISIC card.
    7. At last, verify the code (Type in blank space).
    8. Finally, click on “Submit My Card Activation” button to finish your ISIC card activation.

    ISIC Card Activation By Visiting Branch Office

    By Visiting Branch is also a best option to choose for the activation. This process is based on the people who doesn’t know anything about the internet. For this you have to follow the following process:

    •  Visit the nearest Branch Office of the ISIC Card.
    • Contact with its “Manager” or “Employee” and tell then that you want to activate your card.
    • They will give you a form and tell you to fill up it. You have to follow their instructions (Be sure that you have to fill the correct information).
    • Now, your card will be activated soon.

    NOTE: “After submitting the ISIC card activation, your details will be checked by ISIC Association. You will be notified via email about your card activation which takes generally two working days. After that, you can enjoy all the services of this ISIC card.”

    I am sure after reading this post you definitely got the knowledge about ISIC card and it’s activation. I know you are now able to activate ISIC Card.

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