Rapid PayCard Activation

Lets learn the Rapid Pay card Activation Process one by One. The Rapid! paycard  was started in 2003 with a focus of providing employees with innovative responsive payroll card programs.

It is a prepaid card that does not require a credit check; therefore,  only an identity check is needed and most people qualify.

It allows you to collect and spend your pay without any hassle or inconvenience.

A rapid! PayCard can be used at millions of ATMs and merchant locations worldwide,  wherever Debit Mastercard is accepted.

This card provides you with added safety and security over carrying cash.

With  your PIN,  you may use  your card to obtain  cash from any Point-of-Sale (“POS”) device, as permissible by merchant that bears the Mastercard and Accel/Exchange® brand.

With your PIN, you may use  your card to obtain cash  from any Automated Teller Machine (“ATM”)  that bears the Mastercard, Accel/Exchange®,Allpoint®  or MoneyPass® brand.

All  ATM transactions   are treated as cash  withdrawal transactions.

Firstly for getting your activated rapid! Paycard,you need to ask for the employer .Your companies payroll department will play a vital role in helping you .

They will issue you with an application form to fill and submit.It is after your application has been received that you will receive your first Rapid! PayCard.

How to activate your rapid! PayCard? 

now lets understand how to activate rapid card

You can activate your rapid pay card by calling this number 1.877.380.0980 , for more information keep reading

After your application has been approved,you will be able to receive your Rapid! PayCard which you need to activate it.Without activating your Rapid! PayCard you would not be able to use it at all.

On the other hand,activating the card allows you the opportunity to receive a replacement with name embossed on it.

The first card arrives within 7 t0 10 days after you have issued the applications.

It is usually an instant issue card ie it has a mastercard brand name but it doesn’t have your name embossed on it.

You can fully use your instant card, as you wait for activating the new personalized card.

 Activating the Rapid! PayCard is simple and easy task.All we have to do is call on a customer support 1.877.380.0980

to activate the instant card and instantly you may also request for the personalized card that comes with your name embossed on it at no additional chargeFor the personalized Rapid!

PayCard to arrive, it my take 8-10 daysWhen the personalized Rapid! PayCard arrives in the mail ,the instant issue card remains fully usable until you activate your new personalized card.

Your pay will typically be available by 10:00am Est in the morning of your payday.

You can check your balance by calling on 1.877.380.0980 or by visiting the official website of Rapid! PayCard(https://rapidpaycard.com).

You can then use this card to grocery stores, gas stations, retail stores, and ATMs anywhere they accept Visa or MasterCard debit cards.

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