UOB credit card activation

UOB stands for United Bank’s Overseas. This post is dedicated to those who are UOB Credit Card Holder and I know they are here reading this post.

Ok don’t worry, if you are here, you will go from here after learning something special about the UOB Credit Card Activation. Here I’m going to teach you the complete Process Of Activation.

Before starting the process I will tell you some benefits of UOB Card use.

  • The transaction is safe and secured.
  • Quick payments.
  • Wonderful offers on shopping.
  • Cashback Offers, etc.

For the more information about the others card you can join us from here.

Requirements For UOB Card Activation

Before entering in the Activation Process, first of all you have to know what you’re gonna need in the process is the basic point which are commonly called as requirements. Here are some basic things which we use or which we need in process can be listed as:

  1. First of all we should have an approved UOB Card with Card Number at the back.
  2. UOB account.
  3. A mobile with linked mobile number.
  4. UOB Hotline Number.
  5. Personal Information such as name, address, account number, card number, pin number, etc.
  6. A smartphone with a good speed internet connection.

UOB Credit Card Activation Details

Now let’s get to the point that how we can activate our card easily in small time. For that we have different ways to activate our card. All the ways are different from each other. They are of following types:

  1. Via Online through their Official Site.
  2. Via Phone.
  3. Through ATM/Branch.
  4. Using UOB Mighty App.

UOB Credit Card Activation via Online through their Official Site

It is one of the best and mostly used methods by the customers. It is basically regarded as the main activating process for any kind of card activation. For this process you have to gather your personal information and stay with it’s official website. So let’s follow the steps and get card activated so that you are able to use it.

  1. Go to the official site of UOB from HERE.
  1. There you will show an Activate option, you have to go there.
  2. After that a page will be open where you have to insert 16 digit number of the card.
  1. Then type verification code below that and press continue.
  2. An OTP code will be sent to your linked mobile number which you have to put there.
  3. At last follow the instructions on the website. And you will receive the message to your card that your card has been activated.

This one is about the online process, if you didn’t get it then stay with us. I will show you other three process below.

UOB Credit Card Activation Through Phone Call

This is secondary method which can be used in case of not working online process. For this you only need is your smartphone and have some balance in it so that you can easily do that.

  1. Call the customer care of UOB hotline (1800-386-8188)
  2. After connecting the phone, listen to the instructions carefully.
  3. Then it will ask for the card number, enter it properly.
  4. Verify your OTP generated from linked mobile number.
  5. Now your card will be activated.

UOB Credit Card Activation with ATM

Its a basic way/method which is no applied in all the card activation process. Some card only accepts the ATM Activation Process.

  1. Visit the nearest ATM present on your area or UOB Branch.
  2. When you go the Branch, you will need your personal identity and account number, etc.
  3. Otherwise for the ATM process, you can take your Card and Pin Number with you.
  4. Then follow the instructions and do the same you card will be activated.

UOB Credit Card Activation with UOB Mighty App

For this one, customers must have downloaded the app. There you will find the option of Activate Credit Card of UOB where you have to go. You can activate you card easily through app because the only need for this process is smartphone and internet connection.

I hope you have enjoyed the post and become eligible to activate your card at any time, at any place. Be sure to put all the information correct.

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